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From the idea to "ACTION!"

The art of storytelling is made up of several stages, and each one is equally important as the other in order to achieve a powerful and, above all, effective message.

El fotógrafo masculina

Photography for Storytelling

Since 2009, I have been working with development organizations, documenting the incredible work they do with target communities. Before taking the first photograph, I try to understand the entire context and connect with the people, thus breaking the camera barrier and being able to capture the essence of the moment.

Filming at Dusk

Video for Storytelling 

As a storyteller, I use the magic of documentary filmmaking to tell the stories of individuals and communities who, through the organizations that support them, make this world a better place for everyone. Recently, I made a technological leap in my equipment, moving from standard video format to cinema. This allows me to deliver higher quality stories to my clients.

Edición de video

Writing for Storytelling

There are several benefits of doing good storytelling. First, human stories help generate trust around an organization and make it memorable. The stories are built around a specific theme and characters and are based on a natural sequence or order of events.

Happy clients

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